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About Us

Important Notice:

Since the inception of the This Is Climate Change (TICC) project in 2010, attitudes toward climate change in the United States have evolved dramatically. A few years ago most Americans doubted the reality of climate change, whereas today most say there is solid scientific evidence that the Earth’s temperature is increasing. The number of climate change skeptics continues to decrease at an accelerating pace, and local, state and federal agencies are finally taking actions to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. A combination of factors including ongoing scientific research, a dramatic increase in extreme weather events, and nonprofit outreach programs (including TICC), have been effective in shifting public opinion from skepticism to support for climate change legislation. Most notably, Superstorm Sandy brought climate change and its consequences into mainstream public debate and paved the way for President Obama’s recent National Climate Action Plan.

In response to the positive shift in public opinion, DMGT is in the process of redirecting its resources from TICC’s focus on public awareness and education, to other efforts that we feel will have a greater impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our new focus will include reducing energy consumption and promoting the use of alternative energy.

What we do:

This Is Climate Change (TICC) was developed to publicize the real impacts of climate change. This website complements the placement of photographs and other visual aids in public locations. Our intent is to educate and increase awareness of climate change among the general public. Visit our poster display at Reagan National Airport, Washington, DC, and check our Facebook page for updates and new locations.

Who we are:

This is Climate Change was developed by Del Mar Global Trust (DMGT), a private charitable foundation with a focus on the environment. DMGT has offices in Boca Raton, FL and Washington, DC. In the past DMGT has been primarily a grant making organization in support of various other nonprofits that share its goal to maintain and improve the earth’s natural environment. TICC uses inputs from scientists, photographers and other experts to ensure the accuracy of the data presented in the visual aids and website. Elena Marszalek is the project manager and primary contact.

Why this project:

Despite the physical evidence that the earth’s climate is changing, many Americans remain skeptical of the reality of climate change, its severity, and even the science supporting it. A 2010 Pew Research Center poll found that only 59% of adults in the U.S. believe “there is solid evidence the earth is warming.” Opinions about global warming in the US have been vacillating and, in general, the US lags behind other developed countries in the understanding that rapid global warming is the result of human activities. This Is Climate Change counteracts misinformation disseminated by industry sponsored lobbyists and other special interests.

Homepage Photo Credit: Disintegrating ice shelf, Antarctica. Gary Braasch/World View of Global Warming.